Why Choose Us

Great Coffee

At the end of the day, even considering all the other benefits of choosing Arico Coffee to supply your workplace coffee needs, great coffee has to be top of the list. We believe that above all else, if your coffee drinkers don't enjoy the taste of what they are drinking then everything else pales.

We currently have 4 great blends that suit most palates, from your casual coffee drinker right up to the hardcore caffeine junkies. 


Our mantra is that our customers should never pay for both coffee and machine rental at the same time. What this means is that the value our products present is unrivaled in the market place. In fact, you can have fantastic, cafe style, freshly brewed coffee from as little as 38c per cup.


If your machine breaks down or provides anything less than optimal performance, we are an email or phone call away from it being sorted out. Machine related repairs and servicing are included in your monthly fee and we aim for a maximum 2 business day turnaround.