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1KG of the finest MEDIUM roasted KARAMBA beans in a bag with a 1 way gas release valve.

This product is made from a blend of beans sourced from 4 different countries of origin, and roasted to a medium roast. The Gold Blend is a rich and clean tasting blend with light smoky tones and hints of sweet cocoa. Perfect all rounder from short blacks through to lattes. Over all crowd pleaser!

About Ay! Karamba Coffee:

This product is a gourmet coffee made from 100% Arabica beans.

It is imported as a green bean, roasted here in Australia, then packaged immediately to seal in all the flavours and aromas.

Perfect for cappuccino, espresso, filter, dripolator and plunger. It comes packaged in a sealed bag with a 1-way-valve system to release coffee gases and prevent oxidation of your coffee.

Freshness Tips:

This gourmet coffee will stay fresh in the packet on the shelf for at least a year, but I challenge anyone to resist opening it for that long!

For best freshness once opened: keep the packet sealed with the air squeezed out and store in a cool dark place.

For best taste and aroma: only grind what you need as you need it.


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